We follow strict guidelines when we repair or recharge your Air Conditioning system. The guidelines are enforceable by the Environment Agency and are there to prevent the release of refrigerants into the atmosphere, which is illegal if done deliberately. We will first check the system for leaks using oxygen-free nitrogen; then when we are satisfied that there are no leaks; we willevacuate/dehydrate the system for 30 minutes. We then add fresh oil and dye which will make any diagnosis easier in the future.

We then charge the system virgin refrigerant, and finally make sure all the components of the Air Conditioning system are functioning correctly.

If you have an older vehicle, or an import using R12 refrigerant, we have the ability to charge the A/C system on these vehicles. R12 is illegal, and a banned substance. The refrigerant that we use will go straight into the A/C system with little or no modifications at all! There is no need to retro-fit to R134a, reducing your overall costs.